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Can we ever fully realize how wonderful it is to be alive? Realy think about it.. How cool is it to be aware of that we experience something mysterious called life. What ever it is we experience, we really experience something and we are aware that we do. WOW! 
 Some people need to die before they start being alive for real. Before they truely connect with life. Are there other ways to wake up and start living life without going trough the pain and suffering so many do? Can we leave the suffering behind us and learn how to live in bliss? 24 hrs a day. year around. every breath we take in harmony with all.. can we truely enjoy it while we are alive or do we really need that death knocking on our door first or only by chance feel bliss for a moment? What different technics are there for us to use inorder to truely live life while we are alive? 
"All roads leads to bliss"  

Shiran Breathing journey 15 februari 2019

Breathing Journey retreat is an intensive process of experiencing Shiran's work through different breathing practices in addition to teachings about the methods he uses while working with people.

During the retreat we will learn about theoretical models, experience a variety of Breathing Journeys, learn breathing techniques that may be practitced safely and effectively at home and begin to learn and practice how to sense and detect energy blockage in ourselves and others.
This is an invitation to dive into the fascinating world of a unique work, deepen your understanding and start to develop some of the most useful tools you will ever have.

Some of the things you will learn here:
- Universal Principles: what are they and how they effect us
- Breathing techniques to improve your physiology
- Breathing techniques for functioning under stress
- "7th sense" energetic diagnosis
- Introduction to the art of space holding
and more...

About Shirans Breathing journey:
Breathing Journey is a way of experiencing being present through special guided breathing techniques that increase the flow of energy and cause consciousness to expand beyond our known limits.

Experiencing this magnificent state of consciousness allows us to get in touch with our subconscious patterns and release many negative emotions and limiting beliefs.

While experiencing a traumatic event, our defence mechanisms suppress emotions and some of the memories related to them.
This is a survival mechanism designed to buffer the painful experience to a level that allows us to function and not “crash”.
However, we eventually pay a price for suppressing the emotions and memories. We become numb and lose contact with our natural state of being, a state of bliss.

Since it’s not common in our society to encourage powerful
emotional release in daily life, it has become more important than ever to take the time and space to do so in a safe environment.​

“Breathing consciously is a master key.
It can open your heart to unconditional love.
It can open your mind to understand what’s holding you back.
It can guide you into letting go and experiencing your natural state.
It can show you what real freedom is.”


You are welcome to watch this video and see a bit how it looks like and how participants describe their experiences:

Early bird offer until 1/1/19 3200 SEK.
After 1/1/19 normal price 3600 SEK
In addition, lodging and food are paid separately to the owner of the place as following:
800 SEK for 2 nights + breakfast. Lunch and dinner are donation based according to what you feel like.

To book your space and complete registration:

Cancellation policy: up to 30 days before the retreat begins- refund minus 15% (handling fees). 30 days or less before the retreat- no refund.
the rest of the amount will be paid in cash on arrival to the retreat so please remember to bring it with you.

If you have any questions please contact us:


DAniella Arango- 2 Day Healing Retreat for Women

Step away from your daily life and take a deep dive into your soul. Find realness and authenticity with other powerful women as we come to share our joys, fears, and dreams. This is a call for all of us, regardless of our age or cultural background, to unite and explore the tremendous power of collective intent on healing. Together we will celebrate, raise, and support each other in order to discover our truest essence.
DATE : Saturday April 20th- Sunday April 21st
EXCHANGE : 2,700kr (750kr non-refundable deposit) - Payment plans available.
LOCATION : Öllövsvägen 209, 26993 Båstad


Atmaji is a modern enlightened master and mystic from Tamil Nadu, the heart of spirituality in the South of India. He’s a multidimensional and casual master that easily connects with people through his relaxed, out going and humorous personality. Just to be in the presence of Atmaji’s inner silence, brings healing and connects you to your true nature. The 7th of October 1994 the unforgettable experience of enlightenment occurred to Atmaji. This state of consciousness was reached through a childhood based in a natural and peaceful Indian village with a more or less innocent concept free upbringing. With the inner drive of diving deep into the Self and spirituality, Five different masters and teachers passed him through various experiences and practices. Following his Self Realization, after 2 years of silence, he decided to clear the paths for seekers and to lead them into spirituality through meditation, yoga and kriya. He has dedicated himself in being part of creating a new humanity.

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